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  • Artwork by Lauren Kritter
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“Be Back Later” Produced by Bwee

New music I have held on to for a long time. Felt like I needed to share something as it is one of my favorite pieces I have written. Thanks for you support!


Music Video “What They Want/ A Love Affair”

The latest visual from Kevin Getzen’s project “The Canvas” featuring “What They Want/ A Love Affair” produced by @Ekstoluke. Video was shot and edited by @JY_Films. Special thanks to Pif Clothing for their collaboration with the hoodie worn in the video. With every purchase of clothing, Pay It Forward Clothing will donate the same item to a child in need in Wisconsin. Be sure to check out to see the great work they do and be sure to assist them in their mission! Another special thanks goes to Private Stock Tattoo for allowing us to use their great space to film. Be sure to check them out at Thanks and God Bless!

“The Underdog” Directed By 6 Ward Films

Shout out to 6 Ward Films for directing and editing the latest visual off The Canvas, “The Underdog” produced by Ekstoluke.

“Local Legend, A Come Up Story” Official Music Video

The second official music video featuring “Local Legend, A Come Up Story” produced by @Ekstoluke off Kevin Getzen’s project “The Canvas.” Video shot by @Havsolo. Co-starting @MikeyFastLife @Ekstoluke @SirMichaelBeats and @DaRealBwee.

“There is no telling who will become the ‘next big thing.’ It could be the soft spoken kid who sits behind you in class that turns into the next multi millionaire. The misunderstood basketball talent who drinks and smokes becoming the next NBA 1st round pick. Or the girl who sings to herself in the mirror and in front of her family on the couch who becomes the next platinum selling artist. Everyone has the potential to become their city, town or states ‘local legend’ no matter the dream. The innocence and beauty of the unknown is what makes the ascension all the more story like. All of the greats have stories told and untold. Those stories that are told from the heart, turn into history that is shared forever.”


“The Uncertain” Official Music Video

The first video off Kevin Getzen’s project “The Canvas” features the track “The Uncertain” produced by Aeson Vesper. Video shot by @HavSolo. Co-staring @Darealbwee and @Esktoluke. Thank you for your support!

Download Kevin Getzen’s New Mixtape -The Canvas

Artwork by Lauren Kritter

Click Here to Download

After 5 months of planning, working with producers, building a studio space, recording and brainstorming the background to this project, I am very grateful and excited to share with you my latest music, The Canvas. This is a compilation of all original work and all original instrumental production. Producers featured on The Canvas include Black Soil, Ekstoluke, Sir Michael Beats, Aeson Vesper and JAZZWARD. Features include appearances by Dior of Tampa, FL and B Wee of Racine, WI.

I titled this mix tape The Canvas because of my infatuation with the idea of a blank canvas. I see our lives as a blank canvas that we are the painters for. We are the ones who create and build our lives, through our creativity, passion, interests and experiences. What is also important to realize is that not every picture or painting is perfect. Flaws are inevitable, but also not always permanent or final. Throughout this project you will hear stories from my neighborhood growing up, experiences in life, expectations and hardships as well as inspiration from my city, family and friends. With that all being said thank you for your support and hope you can enjoy!

Much Love and God Bless,

Kevin Getzen’s Freestyle for

Jesse Jaynovel Booker of stopped through the studio to shoot a freestyle. Big shout out to the crew over there at Rapcine! Follow them on Twitter at @Rapcine.

New Single- EGO (Produced by Slot-A)

This is a track I have waited a long time to release. Slot-A is a producer for some of my favorite artists like Add-2 and Gerald Walker so it had always been a goal/dream of mine to one day hop on one of his beats. Shout out to Lauren Kritter for the dope artwork.

The DD Show at WIPZ Radio X Interview and Freestyle

DJ Sir Mike and Kevin Getzen were invited down to UW-Parkside for an interview with The DD Show at WIPZ Radio. The interview includes questions about how I started, inspiration, Listerine & Hennessy, future plans and a freestyle at the end. Shout out to Logan Covelli for the production.

Grand Lux Concert Video

So I had this footage from our show when we opened up for the Gym Class Heroes and a song that was finished but had no idea what to do with it yet. So after being anxious and needing a break from writing and planning these next projects out, I decided I’d just put this together. Big thanks to Zach Huey filming backstage and during the show as well as William Liu for getting additional footage. Recording and production is all courtesy of Sam Rygiel. Hope you enjoy.
Grand Lux Download Link


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